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Joe Scherrman
Sun 15 Jun 2008Link

Very interesting website Yanky. I like the look. I wasn't able to watch the trailer but I think that's my issue.

Yanky Ascher
Sun 15 Jun 2008Link

Thanks Joe.
The site is simple, but effective. It has that antique style which works well with the film.
You can see more of what we do, including a rather aggressive archival restoration project, at

Doug Block
Sun 15 Jun 2008Link

In reply to Ben Kempas's post on Sun 15 Jun 2008 :

Um, Ben, maybe you'll calm down when you realize the Moviemaker list is alphabetical.

Meanwhile, welcome, Yanky.

Edited Sun 15 Jun 2008 by Doug Block

Ben Kempas
Sun 15 Jun 2008Link

I didn't actually see the list, it was John Mounier who told me about it. But hey, people do find us this way!

So who else is out there?

Doug Block
Sun 15 Jun 2008Link

I saw the Moviemaker article in Nina's office last week. It was a really stupid description of The D-Word. Something like "MySpace for documentary filmmakers." Where do they come up with that stuff?

Christopher Wong
Sun 15 Jun 2008Link

they must have only been reading farmer herman's posts...

Joe Moulins
Mon 16 Jun 2008Link

In reply to Doug Block's post on Sun 15 Jun 2008 :

Silly. It's more like this , for documentary filmmakers.

Ben Kempas
Mon 16 Jun 2008Link

"The D-Word – where docoholics converse."

Back to introductions now...

Jo-Anne Velin
Mon 16 Jun 2008Link

In reply to Doug Block's post on Sun 15 Jun 2008 : But we admit they are some of the best posts on d-word. Just when everything gets too self-important or serious, David describes piglets birthing...

Johan Karrento
Mon 16 Jun 2008Link

We're going to shoot a doc in LA in january. The team is just two people, a small camera and no fixed locations (we're travelling with a guy). HOw would I get a permit for this? How do you guys do this in LA (or USA for that matter). Is there a small team permit or a documentary permit or should I just shoot without a permit? Any answers are welcome.


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