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IDFA Guest User
Tue 6 Nov 2001Link
Test posting in public conference. Please ignore.

Robert Goodman
Wed 7 Nov 2001Link

Ben Kempas
Wed 7 Nov 2001Link
It was me, so it should be easy to ignore.

David Jones
Fri 9 Nov 2001Link
Hello all,

I've just now joined the community. Currently (and I hope for some
time to come given the state of the Israeli economy) I'm working with
Highlight Films, Tel Aviv ( as an 'ideas
developer' (exactly!!!) and writer. Just finished writing/editing a
six-part doc on the nature of religious ecstasy among six sects in
the not-so-Holy Land for National Geographic (any thoughts on
National Geographic... or should that read prejudices)? As I'm a
comparative newcomer to documentaries (having spent the best part of
the last few years keeping body and soul together by writing
corporate videos for high-tech), I'd appreciate any help on how I (we
the company) can go about researching international issues. i.e. does
anyone know of any organisations who hire out researchers (e.g. we
need someone in Taiwan). Any links/contacts/addresses would be much

Regards, David Jones.

Ben Kempas
Fri 9 Nov 2001Link
Welcome to the D-Word, David.

This is the public conference. I'm sure you want to join us at our
community conference at
(just hope I got this link right)

Doug Block
Fri 9 Nov 2001Link
Yes, see you there, David.

Adele Wood
Wed 14 Nov 2001Link
I realize this is where you introduce yourself, not ask questions.
I'm Adele and I live in central Virginia. I have a BFA in sculpture
from VCU. I went to Roger Ebert's frame-by-frame workshop on The
Birds. last year at the Virginia Film Festival. I've accepted an
invitation to produce and host a three part series on emergency
preparedness. I'm a beginner! I hope I can get some pointers. Thank
you for being here.

Doug Block
Wed 14 Nov 2001Link
You're mighty welcome, Adele. Nice to have you. Drop in anytime.

Adele Wood
Thu 15 Nov 2001Link
Thank you! :O)

David Herman
Fri 16 Nov 2001Link
The lady has a nice nose.

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