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Jason Perdue
Mon 19 Jul 2010Link

Yay! Devo doc.

Doug Block
Mon 19 Jul 2010Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Ann. The best way to be a part of things here is to register for professional membership, which gives you full access to all the discussion topics.

Nicole McCuaig
Tue 20 Jul 2010Link

Hey Ann impressive history but I also zoomed in on the Devo project – would love to see a Devo doco.

Steve Kosareff
Tue 20 Jul 2010Link

I am in the midst of writing a business plan for investors and a international sales agent, just having finished the first draft of a budget for my film project, "TV MAN: THE SEARCH FOR THE LAST INDEPENDENT DEALER." The sample plans I've come across are either geared towards the non-profit sector or, if profit focused, appear to have more information than I believe is necessary for my project. Has anyone come across a good for-profit documentary business plan?

Robert Goodman
Wed 21 Jul 2010Link

that isn't fiction? docs that make a profit are rare happy accidents.

Peter Brauer
Wed 21 Jul 2010Link

Listen to Robert. I asked a similar question 3 years ago. He gave a similar answer. I chose to ignore him. I have been kicking myself ever since. Anyone who gives you money should be looking for a tax deduction, because a profit will probably never come.

Edited Wed 21 Jul 2010 by Peter Brauer

Steve Kosareff
Wed 21 Jul 2010Link

In the business plan draft I'm working on I've also included a fiscal sponsor fee in the budget and refer to it in the plan to allow the film's supporters to either make tax deductible donations or investments. I will have the final draft of the plan reviewed by experienced advisers, but feedback from this blog's readers will be helpful. Has anyone else used a similar hybrid plan to raise funds and, if so, what were the results?

Robert Goodman
Thu 22 Jul 2010Link

you can't solict donations for a profit making enterprise. There's no way for the donor to take a tax deduction and that ends a lot of them.

jd redjade
Mon 26 Jul 2010Link

hello all,
my name is jd and i am an american living in budapest hungary – i recently bought a canon legria/vixia hfs100 to make mini-documentaries or a political nature. You can see my progress in learning the little camera at

there are many many ideas i have for such mini-docus, but step by step i will get there :-)


Rich West
Tue 27 Jul 2010Link

Just did a show of original music bookended by a Gesualdo piece and a Rahsaan Roland Kirk tune in South Pasadena. Have done a bit of soundtrack music for a couple of documentaries and I really enjoyed it. Someone told me to check this site out so here I is.

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