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David Majzlin
Thu 11 Aug 2011Link

Hello all – I am film composer who was introduced to D-Word by friends at the 2011 Silverdocs Festival, where my film, "Long Way Home: The Loving Story" was screening with HBO. Feel free to give a shout out if there is anything I can help you with on the musical front. I will be at the party tonight and am very much looking forward to meeting you all. My D-Word link is here:

Cheers, David

Rob Rooy
Thu 11 Aug 2011Link

David, terrific to see you here. It was great to make your acquaintance at Silverdocs – and as I told you then, I think the music for The Loving Story plays an eloquent, effective role in a very powerful film.

Jessica Miller
Thu 18 Aug 2011Link

Hi Everyone

This is Jessica Miller from Transcription wave that offer an assortment of transcription services for audio, video and interviews at an unbelievably low cost. Our transcription services are available for a wide spectrum of customers: interviews, conference calls, focus groups, film and television production companies; raw footage/B-roll and closed captioning of scripts. Inward we accept audio or videotapes and all digital file formats like mp3, wav, wma, mov, avi, mp4, etc.

John Burgan
Fri 19 Aug 2011Link

In reply to Frauke Sandig's post on Tue 26 Jul 2011 :

Frauke and Eric are fine filmmakers. Congratulations on the new film and welcome to The D-Word...

Doug Block
Fri 19 Aug 2011Link

And keep us posted on your progress, Frauke. Did you ever hear from the Film Forum?

Frauke Sandig
Fri 19 Aug 2011Link

So nice to hear from you, John and Doug!
We haven't tried the film forum yet, but will be in New York for a few days in September...

Doug Block
Sat 20 Aug 2011Link

Email me, Frauke, and let me know your dates. Would be nice to meet up again, if you'll have the time.

Joe Jowers
Tue 23 Aug 2011Link

I'm a long time camera man with experience working on a handful of documentaries. I'm living in the Republic of Panama for the next few months but will return to the states and enter grad school seeking an MFA in documentary issues. I'm writing, photographing, and supporting the research of my girlfriend, a sociologist here in Panama.

Doug Block
Tue 23 Aug 2011Link

Welcome aboard, Joe. Good to have you here.

Lahoe Ku
Tue 23 Aug 2011Link

Hello! I'm a beginner filmmaker. I'm working on a feature length film, 'Army of the Unemployed'(working title, a film by Immy Humes) as an associate producer. Recently I moved to New York from South Korea and just finished film school course here. During the course I had great experience to make short doc films in totally new place. Still I have interesting stories to tell so I'm trying to survive here as a filmmaker. I used to work mostly by myself like shooting, editing and producing. So I look forward to chances to collaborate with great people.

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