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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Ajay Brar
Thu 19 Jan 2012Link

Ah I forgot to introduce myself and went straight ahead to the mentoring forum. Anyway,

Hi Everyone,
I'm a writer / director based in Melbourne, Australia. Straight out of film school (Australian Film Television and Radio School) where I majored in directing, I'm currently working on a documentary on the Maoist movement in India and the underlying issues of land, tribal rights, mining and development. There is a rough trailer online at:
I'm working on getting production support before filming the second part of it. Finally, James Longley's Iraq in Fragments is a strong inspiration and my all time fav documentary.


Jill Woodward
Thu 19 Jan 2012Link

In reply to Jacob McEndollar's post on Thu 19 Jan 2012 :

Jacob, link to your campaign and trailer? (nevermind, I see it in the mentoring page)

Edited Thu 19 Jan 2012 by Jill Woodward

Doug Block
Thu 19 Jan 2012Link

So, Ajay, we can now officially welcome you to The D-Word!

Edited Thu 19 Jan 2012 by Doug Block

Yvonne Apollonio
Sat 21 Jan 2012Link

Hello everyone,

My name is Yvonne Apollonio. I worked in the post production side of advertising for some years, but I stopped when I gave birth to my daughter two years ago. I am now returning to a documentary project that I had put on hold. I am very glad to be part of this community.

Mike O'Connell
Sat 21 Jan 2012Link

I read Ajay's post and realized I've done the same thing, I went straight to the classified topics. I'm based in Pittsboro NC the d word was suggested to me by another filmmaker here in town. I've finished up a new film and am working on two others right now. Look forward to all the great information and support that is here.

Elliot Sokolov
Mon 23 Jan 2012Link

Greetings, I'm Elliot Sokolov, a composer for film specializing in documentaries. My many credits include scores for the Oscar-nominated documentary "The Restless Conscience" and most recently "Kings Park: Stories From An American Mental Institution". (see the trailer at ) I love collaborating with documentary makers! Please check out my work at

David Herman
Mon 23 Jan 2012Link

Welcome Elliot. Moving trailer, very moving score.

John Burgan
Mon 23 Jan 2012Link

You're all very welcome at The D-Word, Yvonne, Mike and Elliot.

E. Ablorh-Odjidja
Tue 24 Jan 2012Link

My name is E. Ablorh-Odjidja. I am based in the US but have been spending a lot of time (the past three years) in Ghana, Africa, shooting and producing documentaries. My current works are:
1. A New Face for Africa
2. The Asantehene
Both films are in dvd prints now, with trailers on YouTube.

Niam Itani
Wed 25 Jan 2012Link

In reply to Elliot Sokolov's post on Mon 23 Jan 2012 :

Welcome, Elliot & E. A-O :)

Rhonda Moskowitz
Wed 25 Jan 2012Link Tag

In reply to gabriella kessler's post on Tue 17 Jan 2012 : Welcome to the D-Word, Gabriella. Your project sounds compelling. I've filmed inside 5 different prisons in NY and FL, so here's my two cents: All prison officials – kiss ass, kiss ass, kiss ass. In addition, be nice to guards who are jackasses. (You can win an Oscar for this!) Make sure you let the person who grants you access, (public affairs or warden), know it's not your intention to make the prison look bad, (even if it's a hellhole, which most prisons are). Keep this same person informed about what your project is about and how it's evolving. Filmmakers are a bureaucratic pain-in-the-ass for prison officials, and also a security risk. Also, you might want to do a kiss ass interview with the warden if he or she is willing.

Edited Wed 25 Jan 2012 by Rhonda Moskowitz

Cassidy Dimon
Wed 25 Jan 2012Link

Hello! My name is Cassidy and I am producing my first feature length documentary with a wonderful team of journalists and filmmakers. We have an extensive repertoire of journalism, multimedia and short films in the bag but we are venturing into new/scary/exciting territory here! On top of that, we are launching a Kickstarter for post funds shortly, I'm feeling a little frightened but also, very exciting, I hope to have more to post soon! Thanks for this wonderful forum! Website for the film is here: The trailer is rough (too one sided for our liking but we are still in production so its far from finished).

Jill Woodward
Wed 25 Jan 2012Link

Looks very interesting Cassidy. Good luck!

Kevin Spahr
Thu 26 Jan 2012Link

Hi all,
I'm Kevin Spahr and I have completed my first doc and I'm working on completing my distribution deal.

The doc is called "Glen Rock Fae" and it is about the world's largest and longest running fairy festival – yes, fairies – colorful wings, pointy ears, etc.

Stacy Jill Calvert
Tue 31 Jan 2012Link

In reply to Ron Osgood's post on Sun 8 Jan 2012 :

I was actually here in the radio/tv department when it was analog! It was a big change when i came back!

Clay Zimmerman
Fri 3 Feb 2012Link

Hi, my name is Clay Zimmerman. clayzimmerman(at)

I am a filmmaker and editor wanting to reach out to the documentary community in LA.

I edit non-fiction TV for the most part by day, having done many shows for network and cable,
and in 2004 I edited the award winning doc Gay Republicans. While I research my own projects,
I am on the lookout for a good doc to get involved in later in the year (I have a 2 month old at home right now).

Also wanted to share with the community here on D-word a short experimental doc I made recently:

Thanks and glad to have found the site!

Edited Fri 3 Feb 2012 by Clay Zimmerman

Shayne Weyker
Sat 4 Feb 2012Link

Hello all,

I live in the Baltimore/DC area of Maryland. I switched careers from academia to video back in 2006, a few years after I finished a dissertation on TV war reporting and public opinion formation (where I taught myself to edit video).

I thought news and documentary video was a cool way to show people how the world worked (or wasn't working). I remembered how great I thought those David Burke technology history shows and the movie "Roger and Me" was.

After a year of production classes (and the NPPA TV News Storyteling workshop) I wound up working instead in event video and, eventually, as a shooter/editor for business school marketing communications office for a few years doing a several mini-doc, promo, and testimonial type pieces, some with a former PBS producer.

I've been freelancing since June 2010 doing some shooting and editing, a little grip work, and a lot of (video and web) software training. I also was one of the volunteer editors who put together those daily packages on the SilverDocs 2011 youtube channel during the festival.

The most "doc" things I've done are that I put together a short piece on youtube called "Athar the Bike-Man" about a guy who manages his OCD and other issues by riding his bike all over town every day. I also recorded a friend's team through three days of a 50-mile fundraising walk for MS and taped several concerts by a band I like.

I am interested in working on professional doc or advocacy projects with a social/political and/or technological focus. Aside from my production and post skills I'm a good researcher in those areas.

I've long been thinking about starting a project that follows several badly injured war vets through months of physical therapy and would appreciate any tips on how to get the military to permit extended taping in physical therapy and interviews with patients.

I have a decent Sony EX1 kit (six hours of cards, good wireless lav, good tripod, large+small battery, .8x wide adapter, zoom controller, 24" LCD monitor with component in) and will let others shoot using my gear as long as I'm around. I have a very reasonable day rate for DC.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


weykervideo /at/ gmail /dot/ com

Doug Block
Sat 4 Feb 2012Link

Kevin, Clay and Shayne, welcome to The D-Word. Congrats on the baby, Clay. And Kevin and Shayne, feel free to register for professional status.

Jonathan Mayor
Sat 4 Feb 2012Link

Hello, my name is Jonathan Mayor. I'm a writer and filmmaker living in New York City. I'm currently finishing a documentary film on legendary blues musician Chris Whitley. Info online at, on Facebook, and on Kickstarter Please check us out. Have several other projects int he works, another doc and several fictional features.

Doug Block
Sun 5 Feb 2012Link

Welcome, Jonathan. You should also consider registering for Professional status here. It allows you to gain access to all 50 discussion topics.

Kathlyn Horan
Tue 7 Feb 2012Link

Hello, all – Kathlyn Horan here. I'm a filmmaker and photographer living in Los Angeles. I've been working on a prison based documentary for the past three years called The IF Project. More info here, I have just finished my pitch reel and am on the hunt for finishing funds and a stellar editor. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Cary McQueen Morrow
Wed 8 Feb 2012Link

Evidently I'm not alone in skipping the intro section and moving straight to posting!... But better late than never, right?

I run a nonprofit called Art With Impact that works to directly link the power of film with opportunities for people to get engaged in social issues they care about. We are a new organization (just now entering our second year) and are learning a lot as we go. I look forward to learning from the filmmakers on this list how we can best serve independent film makers, and get their work out to interested/engaged folks around the U.S.!

Doug Block
Wed 8 Feb 2012Link

An official welcome, Cary. Ditto to Kathlyn, who we hope will register for professional status since you obviously qualify as a professional.

Mike Shen
Fri 10 Feb 2012Link

Hi there,
My name's Mike Shen. I'm an Avid and Final Cut Pro editor based in Oakland, California. I've done tons of work for Current TV, in addition to shows for PBS, HBO, NY Times Television, and National Geographic. I'm looking forward to meeting other filmmakers and being part of this community. Thanks to all, especially Doug and co. for creating this site.

Doug Block
Fri 10 Feb 2012Link

Welcome, Mike. Good to have you here.

Maysam Akbarin
Mon 13 Feb 2012Link

Hello everyone,

My name is Maysam Akbarin. I am a Software Engineer based in Alabama. I have done close to nothing in this field( actually nothing ! ) .

However, I have some ideas for a documentary. But before I do anything I want to start learning about how to make one first then see how things goes from there.



Doug Block
Mon 13 Feb 2012Link

Greetings, Maysam. For starters, you might want to look at some of the archived discussions we've hosted here (they're listed at the bottom of our homepage). Even though some took place years ago, they're still quite relevant. And it's like having a mini-tutorial on documentary producing and practices.

John Burgan
Mon 13 Feb 2012Link

You might also enjoy the films listed in our Recommended Docs Topic

Patrick Han
Wed 22 Feb 2012Link

Hi Doug!

I joined because I was on a desperate search for your movie "Home Page". I watched it in class led by Professor Peggy Vail at Columbia University a couple years back (and you visited as well!) – I was completely awestruck. I had forgotten what the internet used to be like, (or did not realize, at the time, that the advent of the world wide web used to be populated with such strange and "new" things) in the 90s.
And now, I want to watch the movie again, somehow, but there doesn't seem to be any place selling, renting, or streaming the movie.
If you know where I could get a hold of a copy, please let me know!

Edited Wed 22 Feb 2012 by Patrick Han

Doug Block
Wed 22 Feb 2012Link

Yeah, my apartment. On vhs. The good news is I'm hoping to do a digital release at some point this year.

But why worry about what the internet used to be like? You're on The D-Word, Patrick. This is where the internet is at right now!

Patrick Han
Thu 23 Feb 2012Link

True, but sometimes you need to know the past to understand the present. Also, I just really enjoyed your movie, that's all! Hopefully it will be digitally released – let me know when it does. I'll be jumping on it.
In reply to Doug Block's post on Wed 22 Feb 2012 :

Doug Block
Thu 23 Feb 2012Link

Sure thing. Better yet, if you send me an email as a reminder, I can put you on my mailing list and let you know when it's available. doug(at)d-word(dot)com

Lisa Magnas
Fri 24 Feb 2012Link

Hello All, I am a doc film producer and made 3 films a few years ago, one that I had commercially picked up (it dealt with terrorism). While I had no professional (publicist) help, I managed to get into a few film festivals, but really found the "public eye" through the news/media, who wanted to use my footage...which I gave them freely of course. This said, I have joined some friends in post production of their film, which deals with the Middle East but a past snapshot in history...dealing with a peace treaty/Carter Admin. I have been working on getting us into film fests – NOT for the sake of winning prizes, but simply for getting "seen"...I know the "big mainstream" ones, a few which we have already been accepted to, but I was hoping to hear from ANY of you in this Forum about some other "more obscure" ones. Can anyone tell me about the Maine Int'l Film Fest and the Pittsburgh Independent Film Fest? Thanks!

Lisa Magnas
Fri 24 Feb 2012Link

I should have included my email address for feedback from ANY of you. My personal one is: LMagnas(at)gmail(dot)com

I'm the person asking about the 2 films fests (Maine and Pittsburgh) – thanks again!

Joanna Colbert
Wed 7 Mar 2012Link


I just completed my first doc called Casting By which is about the range of influence that casting has had on film history. I have a few questions about how to sequence our credits for the locked there a 'standard' as to the placement of Director, Producer etc cards or is it entirely up to us? Thanks!

Joanna Colbert
Wed 7 Mar 2012Link

Joanna (at) filmsocial (dot) biz

Doug Block
Wed 7 Mar 2012Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Joanna. I'm fascinated by casting so can't wait to see your doc! Please keep us posted on when and where we can see it.

As to your question, it's always up to you, but if you want to learn what's standard I'd simply watch a few other documentaries and see how they do it.

If the credits are at the beginning, it generally ends with Produced by and Directed by. If at the end, it begins with Directed by and then Produced by.

Joanna Colbert
Thu 8 Mar 2012Link

Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions!


Justin Prymowicz
Thu 15 Mar 2012Link

Hello everyone, I am an audio engineer that has worked on documentaries and other post audio projects. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know if you needed any help of info about sound i would love to help!

- Justin

Constance Ryder
Sun 18 Mar 2012Link

Hi, I've edited many many hour-long documentaries for French TV, and am currently working on my third one as a director (réalisatrice). The economic crunch is pretty disheartening right now. Would like to stay in touch with other professionals, share information, develop international potential for our films.
My current project is a portrait of an amazing artist who spent over 10 years doing the reproduction of the prehistoric Lascaux caves.

Zeljko Mirkovic
Sun 18 Mar 2012Link

I am Zeljko Mirkovic awarded documentary director/producer, owner of the Optimistic film.

Anthony Rydzon
Sun 18 Mar 2012Link

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony Rydzon but my friends call me Tony. I'm a documentary film producer, director, and writer living and working in Chicago IL. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas, making new 'Doc-Head' friends, learning from some of the best and brightest minds in the doc film community today, helping other filmmakers by passing along information to screenings or crowd-sourcing links, bouncing around new ideas with you guys in the discussion rooms, and whole lot more too.
Whew, I shouldn't have had that last cup of coffee!
Currently, I am working on my first feature length doc,"Finding Vivian Maier", a story about a "French-American" nanny who took over 100k photographs of people she encountered in the streets she walked in both NYC and Chicago- all the while keeping her passion and skill a secret till her death in 2007, when her archive of black and white negatives went to auction and was purchased by a young man living in Chicago's north side. You can learn more about the story at
Production is moving right along.
I also ran a successful Kickstarter campaign with my friend and director of the film and was selected to pitch at HocDoc's 2011 in Toronto, Canada.
Thanks everyone for giving me the opportunity to say hi and inviting me into your community. I promise to upload a profile pic soon and feel free to email me here or at mmadocfilms AT yahoo! Cheers!

Doug Block
Mon 19 Mar 2012Link

Wow, a wave of newbies today. Justin, Constance, Zeljko and Anthony, a warm welcome to you all!

victoria campbell
Tue 20 Mar 2012Link

Hellooooo documentary community

my name is Victoria and I have completed one feature length doc. titled 'House of BOnes' on my family and a house. I am currently enrolled in the SVA MFA doc. program which is a wonderful program thus far. Have been learning a great deal. HAve some projects in the works and trying to finish a small film I am making on a neighborhood in port-au -prince. HAve been going there over the last 3 years since earthquake. I'm in NYC and delighted I finally signed up to be part of this. Hi D.


Doug Block
Tue 20 Mar 2012Link

And we're equally delighted, make that even MORE delighted, to have you joining our virtual doc shindig, Victoria.

Having been one of the lucky duckies to have seen "House of BOnes," (I'll spell it your way, it's more fun) I can attest to the enormous talent of Ms. Campbell.

However, one demerit for posting a photo so dark we can barely see ya.

Edited Tue 20 Mar 2012 by Doug Block

Tessa Debilde
Fri 23 Mar 2012Link

Hiya, my name is Tessa! I'm Belgian and currently working as an executive producer on a film noir about time travel in Venezuela. More than the scifi aspect, we focus on the Cuban exiles in Venezuela and the issues of dealing with a constantly changing environment, both as an immigrant and a timetraveller. As a setting we decided to use downtown Valencia (VE), to put the old colonial houses in a bit of a different light. This is our Prezi:

Seeing Casi Medianoche (Almost Midnight) is my first production, I joined D-Word to learn, look, read and discuss. I look forward to meeting people here!

Doug Block
Fri 23 Mar 2012Link

Greetings, Tessa, it's great to have Venezuela represented here. Glad you found us, even if you seem to be working more in the fiction than doc world. Do you have a film background or do you come to film from another path?

Tessa Debilde
Fri 23 Mar 2012Link

Someone who had been giving me advise on legal matters, told me about D-Word. I myself come from a completely different background. I worked for a while as an assistant in training and education, than did my masters in education. After univ, I met an old friend from Venezuela who was assembling a team to make this movie... I happily jumped at the opportunity and left for South-America.

Both of us are interested in a variety of topics, so joining D-Word is a logical choice for me. My partner has done an as yet unpublished documentary for the Venezuelan state. We've been designing (and dreaming about) about doing a documentary on teaching workers in heavy industry about film, an emancipatory project... but at the moment, our fiction film takes up all of our time.

Doug Block
Fri 23 Mar 2012Link

Well, any friend of Richard Lee's is a friend of ours. We've upgraded you to Professional status so you can take better advantage of all the different discussion topics in here. Hope you find it helpful and best of luck on your film.

Tessa Debilde
Sat 24 Mar 2012Link

Thank you very much Doug!

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