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Kiley Kraskouskas
Wed 30 May 2012Link

Hey John,
I remember meeting you at DIP. Would be great to meet in person again, thank you so much for coming to the screening!

Yes, Tinariwen's story is a big part of our film, although they did not attend the festival the year we filmed due to the death of Ibrahim's son right before the festival started. However, we caught up with them on their tour last summer. They are playing at the Howard Theatre on June 14 and we will definitely be there and hopefully interviewing them again, so we should coordinate.

Hope your project is going well!

In reply to John Gyovai's post on Wed 30 May 2012 :

Justin Ervin
Thu 31 May 2012Link

Hi Everybody!

My name is Justin. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all. I'm a cinematographer and filmmaker in NYC and currently at work on a couple of projects that I look forward to sharing with you all sometime soon! If you wanna check out some of my past stuff at the Vimeo link below, please consider yourself invited.

All the best!

Justin Ervin
Thu 31 May 2012Link

Special shout-out to Doug Block! Thanks a lot, sir. I appreciate your encouragement!

Doug Block
Fri 1 Jun 2012Link

A pleasure to have you here, Justin. Someone do yourself a big favor and hire this dude.

Elissa Mirzaei
Sun 3 Jun 2012Link

Justin, I just visited your Vimeo page, have marked some of your videos to watch later (i.e. soon).

Justin Ervin
Mon 4 Jun 2012Link

Thanks, Elissa! Looking forward to your thoughts.

Niam Itani
Mon 4 Jun 2012Link

In reply to Justin Ervin's post on Sun 3 Jun 2012 :

Is Missed Connections the same that played last year at WSFF? (methinks)

Justin Ervin
Mon 4 Jun 2012Link

Hi Niam. Nope, I didn't enter it into any festivals. I'd love to see the one you're speaking of.

Niam Itani
Wed 6 Jun 2012Link

Their film links from last year aren't working anymore, but this is a one liner I found about the film:

“Missed Connections,” by Mary Robertson — On Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” forum, those who regret their timidity make appeals to the Ones Who Got Away.

Justin Ervin
Thu 7 Jun 2012Link

Wow! Very similar indeed... Now I REALLY want to see it. :)

michael byhoff
Mon 11 Jun 2012Link

Hey all,

My name is Mike Byhoff and I am working for a start-up that will be producing documentaries, as well as reaching out to people across the world and paying them to shoot short (4-10 minute) documentaries around the world.

I heard about this place at the Vimeofest Awards this past weekend, and it seems like an awesome resource.

I'm wondering what the best way is to go about finding the right kind of documentary filmmakers to make pieces for this new site?

Riley Morton
Mon 11 Jun 2012Link

hey Michael-
nice unicorn!

i'm not sure if you have access to the 'people' tab above (because you are an enthusiast instead of professional right now), but you can find filmmakers by location using that tool... and if the moderators grant you 'professional' status, you'll have access to the 'professional classifieds' where you can post about opportunities that your group is presenting to filmmakers... both are good options.

michael byhoff
Tue 12 Jun 2012Link

Thanks Riley. I applied for professional status yesterday, but since our website is in closed Beta I had to show some projects we're working on by uploading to YouTube. I hope I can get a lot of people some good, meaningful work with fair pay.

Edited Tue 12 Jun 2012 by michael byhoff

Robert T Speziale
Tue 12 Jun 2012Link

My name is Bob. I am a retired computer specialist who enjoys video and still photography as a hobby. I also enjoy watching movies and documentaries and reading about how they are made. I have uploaded a few Youtube videos on my hobbies of astro-photography and microscopy. I'm also an amateur musician and record music with a friend about once a week.

John Burgan
Wed 13 Jun 2012Link

Bob and Michael, welcome to The D-Word.

Michael, you've got an interesting venture – D-Worders certainly appreciate meaningful work with fair pay! You're very welcome to post in the Professional Classifieds and to reach a wider audience the Public Classifieds as well. However please note that we do not approve of systematic mining of the database – not saying you would do this, but just to warn that D-Worders are allergic to unsolicited emails!

Edited Wed 13 Jun 2012 by John Burgan

Kevin Hallagan
Fri 15 Jun 2012Link

Hey there, everybody! I am finally working on my first ever documentary, it's about the economic and environmental status of the Binghamton Ny area, why it is how it is and where it's going. I set up a blog and a twitter as a sort of documentation of how someone with no real experience struggles through learning the Pre/Production/post production process on their first try. check it out and I set up a Twitter account if you're interested but don't want to read so much @K_R_Hallagan

Check it out! it's an exciting time for me :p

have a great day everybody!

Ben Kempas
Mon 18 Jun 2012Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Kevin, and good luck with the project.

Mon 18 Jun 2012Link

Hi I am Nadeem, a model/presenter. I love travelling and delving in different cultures. My ultimate dream is to present and produce off the wall quirky documentaries where I am unveiling some amazing unique places & cultures. It will be like a kaleidescope. I want the viewer to become so entised in the programme that they feel they have been on the journey with me and experienced the exhilerating ride!!! Would love to connect with like-minded individuals and anyone who can help me turn my dream into reality. Look most forward to hearing from you.

Charles Rich
Tue 19 Jun 2012Link

Hi, I'm Charles Rich. I'm working on my first documentary film with the barest of equipment at hand. I have no training/education in the craft, so this will be a from-the-ground-up project. I will be blogging my progress (and trips and stumbles) along the way, which I'll post a link to shortly. Besides establishing an online presence beyond an FB account, I'm mining the web for any information/support I can get in the process. It's great to be a part of D-Word, and Thanks for simply being here.

Sharad Patel
Tue 19 Jun 2012Link

Silverline Production First Documentary

On The Ropes
As Sharad prepares for his next brawl he becomes distracted to hear the information regarding his fathers sickness. This crucial time ignites family and friends to support eachother even when times are tough.

Kevin Hallagan
Tue 19 Jun 2012Link

Thanks for the support, Ben

Doug Block
Tue 19 Jun 2012Link

Nadeem, Charles, Sharad, welcome to The D-Word and all the best with your projects.

Alta Buden
Wed 20 Jun 2012Link

Hey Everyone!

I am so happy to have found this community! I'm currently working on my first ever doc about contemporary artists in Cambodia. Please feel free to check out our trailer here:

I am looking for feedback, friends, advice on applying to ITVS, anywhere else that might be a good fit for the doc...people who want to put me in touch with Angelina Jolie (kidding, kinda not kidding)...ya know.
cheers d-word,

Doug Block
Wed 20 Jun 2012Link

We're equally happy that you found us, Alta. You might want to check out the Funding topic, as well as do a search for ITVS since we've talked a lot about applying to it here.

As for Angelina Jolie, hmmm...

Bill Jackson
Thu 21 Jun 2012Link

In reply to Alta Buden's post on Wed 20 Jun 2012 :

Interesting characters in that clip. Nice.

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