People on The D-Word

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Jeremy Ansell
Jeremy Ansell (Professional)

Dean Hamer
Dean Hamer (Professional)

Robert Richter
Robert Richter (Professional)

John Grabowska
John Grabowska (Professional)

Mikal Jakubal
Mikal Jakubal (Professional)

Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro (Professional)

Simone Fary
Simone Fary (Professional)

The Webmaster
The Webmaster (Host)

Peter Gerard
Peter Gerard (Professional)

Rafael De La Uz
Rafael De La Uz (Professional)

Thomas Veltre
Thomas Veltre (Professional)

Nina Gilden Seavey
Nina Gilden Seavey (Professional)

Jason Osder
Jason Osder (Professional)

Kim Hopkins
Kim Hopkins (Professional)

ELGIN SMITH (Professional)

Nick Higgins
Nick Higgins (Professional)

Riley Morton
Riley Morton (Professional)

Doug Block
Doug Block (Host)